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Dennis Novy discusses TTIP on Radio 4's 'The World Tonight'

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Dennis Novy discusses TTIP on Radio 4's 'The World Tonight'

Dennis Novy, Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and CAGE researcher, joined Shaun Ley on Friday 30th August on the Radio 4 programme 'The World Tonight'.

Dennis was an advisor for the House of Lords Committee which conducted an enquiry into the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership which aims to improve the trade and investment opportunities between the European Union and the United States.

Although the negotiations should already have finished, they are currently facing various set backs due to the recent political backlash coming from France and Germany, which Dennis went on to explain in more detail.

Dennis commented that;

"It would have been very unusual negotiations to have finished within two or three years. If you look at the history of such deals, they usually take 6 to 7 years or so to get the agreement negotiated and ratified."

The full interview is available on the BBC website (aproximately 28 minutes in)