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Economics Video Project

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Economics Video Project

The Department of Economics are looking for 6 students to work on a long-term video project.

In response to student feedback regarding having information available to them, we are planning to produce a series of short videos which would highlight information such as optional modules available as described by students who have already completed those modules as well as the staff involved in the teaching of modules.

We are looking for students to be responsible for recording raw video material which will be converted into short videos. These videos will be useful to current and prospective students, as well as those who visit our departmental website wanting to know more about studying Economics at Warwick.

What is involved?

As part of the project, we will pay for the 6 students to undergo training in order to utilise the specialist video equipment. The training will include elements such as how to shoot quality camera footage, adjusting lighting, configuring sound and graphics.

There will also be support from the Department's Online Communications Officer who will be involved in gathering the footage and directing the students on video themes. The successful students will be given briefs on what we are trying to achieve and the broad parameters within which we are working, but will be allowed the creative freedom to go out and record video material.

Professional Development Opportunity

This is an excellent professional development opportunity for students to gain new skills in photo-capturing through the use of specialist photography and video equipment, building confidence, enhancing communication and presentation skills and engaging with members of staff from the department. A voucher scheme will be discussed as the project progresses, this is not a paid assignment. This is a valuable opportunity to learn new skills whilst studying and undertake training paid by the Department.

Types of Video

Video footage captured from the students will be used in a variety of productions including:

  • Student interviews
  • Life as an Economics student on campus
  • Economics Optional Module videos
  • Academic interviews
  • Open Days
What we are looking for?

You will need to demonstrate the following:

  • any previous video production experience (you'll need to provide proof, i.e. a completed video);
  • creativity and a passion for film and video editing;
  • a keen eye for detail;
  • strong communication skills, both written and oral.
  • the ability to follow a brief and work effectively as part of a team;
  • a high level of self-motivation and commitment;
  • strong organisational and time management skills;

Please fill in the following form with your details and provide a brief passage as to why you would be suitable for this project. You can also attach any example of video(s) you have created.

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