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The sixth annual Warwick Economics PhD Conference

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The sixth annual Warwick Economics PhD Conference

This year we hosted the sixth annual Warwick Economics PhD Conference on 2-3 May 2018. The event was organised by PhD students with the help of the Marketing team and with financial support from the Department.

The two-month application process started in the beginning of December 2017, and yielded approximately 280 applications from top institutions in the United States, Europe and Asia. This impressive level of interest provided a challenging task for the selection committee, consisting of Warwick PhD students and faculty. In the end, the 280 applications were narrowed down to a mere 12 invitations to present and 8 poster session slots, with selections made on the basis of novelty and methodological rigour.

The final set of delegates consisted of PhD students from leading institutions of economics research in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe (including Amsterdam, Columbia, University of California (Berkeley), University of California (Davis), University of California (San Diego), Oxford, Michigan, Minnesota, Paris School of Economics, Stockholm, Southampton, UCL, Warwick, and Zurich).

Topics came from a wide range of fields and covered issues such as misallocation in Chinese land market, competitive preferences and ethnicity. public-private wage premium, job referrals and strategic network formation, diffusion of ideas and network linkages, monotone equilibria in signalling games and many others. Presenters received feedback from PhD students and faculty in the Department and all talks were followed by extensive discussions.

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On the social side, lunch and dinner events gave plenty of opportunities for networking among researchers and contributed to the relaxed atmosphere of the conference.

Feedback received from delegates suggests that the event was successful in its objective of providing a forum for constructive comments on ongoing research and for learning about projects pursued by peers in other academic institutions. Moreover, it gave an opportunity for Warwick students to informally discuss their own work and to promote the Department’s PhD programme to students in similar programmes across the globe.

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