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Students' Question Time 2019

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Students' Question Time 2019

The Department of Economics and PAIS were delighted to host our annual Student Question Time debate on Monday 28th January 2019.

Based upon the popular BBC Television show, a panel comprising of students from Economics and PAIS were selected from a pool of applicants to answer students' questions on topics relating to current affairs.

Skilfully chaired by Tatiana Coutto, a Teaching Fellow (European Studies) and Course Director for Politics, International Studies and Modern Languages, the panel which consisted of undergraduate students, Daniel Henein, (Y1 Economics), Shreya Thummar (Y2 EPAIS), Remi Trovo (Y1 PAIS) and Ellen Humphreys (Y3 PAIS) debated current affairs. The event attracted over 150 students who are currently studying a range of disciplines within the Social Sciences Department at the University of Warwick.

There were no easy answers to complex questions about the Brexit deal, the climate change as the greatest threat to humanity, the crisis of young people's emotional and mental health or inequalities in society. But the student panellists talked confidently and with passion about how we should all start taking smaller steps in everyday life to achieve a long term goal. There was also a suggestion that the main political parties should start working collaboratively to avoid a no deal Brexit.

These questions opened up interesting debates with the audience who were also given the opportunity towards the end to ask further questions relating to the topics raised at the event.

I personally think that it is vital for students to engage in intellectually stimulating discussions on important current affairs topics that affect us daily. It was intriguing to hear debates on a range of topics such as mental health and gender inequality which are particularly important to me
Alya Al-Angari, 1st Year Economics Student, University of Warwick
Student Question Time is a great opportunity to see what what Warwick's best students are capable of, and also to get their views on some of the most pressing issues today, as seen through a student's perspective
Kyle Johnson, 2nd Year Economics Student University of Warwick
Missed the debate? Watch the full length video here

For those of you that missed the event or would like to watch the debate again, the full length video is available to watch via the link below.