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Sonia Bhalotra invited to join the EEA Women in Economics Committee

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Sonia Bhalotra invited to join the EEA Women in Economics Committee

Professor Sonia Bhalotra has been invited to join the European Economic Association’s Women in Economics Committee.

The European Economic Association (EEA) promotes the development of economic science throughout Europe. Its Women in Economics Committee aims to support women in the economics profession by providing a forum for discussion of issues relevant to female economists, facilitating networks and circulating information.

The Committee’s initiatives include an annual mentoring and networking retreat and a Women in Economics bibliography.

Professor Bhalotra said: "I am grateful for this opportunity to contribute to improving the status of women in the economics profession, working with an interesting team of individuals."

"My research has a strong focus on women. It includes work on women’s representation in government, the police forces and the judiciary, the gender pay gap, constraints on women’s labour force participation, implications of recent advances in IVF for the 'child penalty' on women’s careers, consequences for women and children of under-diagnosed and under-treated maternal depression, unmet demand for abortion and maternal mortality in developing countries, and the scourge of violence against women."

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