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Sonia Bhalotra

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Contact details

Email: Sonia dot Bhalotra at warwick dot ac dot uk
Room: Working remotely
Advice and feedback hours: NA

Personal webpage and recent CV:

Personal website

Prof Sonia Bhalotra - CV

About me

I am an applied economist with research interests in the areas of skill creation, early childhood development and health (including mental health) and my work seeks to understand the role of the family and of the legal and political environment. A large fraction of my work has an emphasis on gender.

I have held appointments at the universities of Bristol, Cambridge and Essex. I am Fellow of the International Economics Association, the UK Academy of Social Sciences, CEPR London, IZA Bonn, IEPS Brazil and SFI Copenhagen. I obtained a BSc Honours in Economics at the University of Delhi and an MPhil and DPhil from the University of Oxford.

My current commitments include research under the following awards:

Research Interests

  • Labour and Econometrics
  • Development and History
  • Political Economy
Publications (last 3 years)
  1. Infant Health, Cognitive Performance and Earnings: Evidence from Inception of the Welfare State in Sweden. With M Karlsson, T Nilsson, N Schwarz. Review of Economics and Statistics. Forthcoming.
  2. Leader Identity and Coordination. With I Clots-Figueras, L Iyer, J Vecci. Review of Economics and Statistics. Forthcoming.
  3. On the Quantity and Quality of Girls: New Evidence on Fertility and Parental Investments. With S Anukriti, HF Tam. The Economic Journal. Forthcoming.
  4. Clean Water Programs and Mortality Decline- A Natural Experiment in Mexico. With A Díaz-Cayeros, A. Miranda, Grant Miller, A Venkataramani. American Economic Journal- Economic Policy. Forthcoming.
  5. First and Second Generation Impacts of the Biafran War. With R Akresh, M Leone, U Osili. Journal of Human Resources. Forthcoming.
  6. Intimate Partner Violence: The Influence of Job Opportunities for Men and Women. World Bank Economic Review. With U Kambhampati, S Rawlings, Z Siddique. Forthcoming.
  7. Maternal Depression, Women's Empowerment, and Parental Investment: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial. With V Baranov, P Biroli, J Maselko. American Economic Review. March 2020. Vol. 110, Issue 3.
  8. The Twin Instrument: Fertility and Human Capital Investment. With D Clarke. Journal of the European Economic Association, Issue 18-6, December 2020.
  9. Women’s Inheritance Rights and the Preference for Sons. With S Roy, R Brule. Journal of Development Economics. Vol 146, Issue C, August 2020, 102275.
  10. The Price of Gold: Dowry and Death in India. With A Chakravarty, S Gulesci. Journal of Development Economics. Volume 143, March 2020.
  11. Effectiveness of a peer-delivered psychosocial intervention for maternal depression on maternal and child outcomes at 3 years: Results from a cluster randomized trial and a healthy comparison cohort. With J Maselko, S. Sikander, et al. The Lancet Psychiatry 2020: 7. Pages 775-87
  12. Twin Births and Maternal Condition. With D Clarke. Review of Economics and Statistics, December 2019, Vol. 101, No. 5, pp. 853–864.
  13. Property Rights and Gender bias: Evidence from Land Reform in West Bengal. With A Chakravarty, D Mookherjee, F Pino. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 11(2): 1-34, April 2019.
  14. Pathbreakers: Women’s Electoral Success and Future Political Participation. With I Clots-Figueras and L Iyer. Economic Journal, Volume 128, Issue 613, August 2018, pages 1844-1878.
  15. Infant Health and Longevity: Evidence from a Historical Intervention in Sweden. With M Karlsson and T Nilsson Journal of the European Economic Association, October 2017.

Selected Recent Working Papers:

  1. The Distribution of the Gender Wage Gap. With M Fernandez-Sierra and F Wang. R&R, Journal of Political Economy. IZA Discussion Paper 11640.
  2. Shadows of the Captain of the Men of Death: Early Life Health, Human Capital Investment and Institutions. Second R&R, Journal of Political Economy. With D Clarke A Venkataramani. Available on SSRN.
  3. Maternal Mortality and Women’s Political Participation. With D Clarke, J Gomes, A Venkataramani. R&R, Journal of Political Economy.
  4. Religion and Abortion: The Role of Politician Identity. I Clots-Figueras, L Iyer. R&R, Journal of Development Economics.
  5. Fertility, Health Endowments and Returns to Human Capital: Quasi Experimental Evidence from 20th Century America. With A Venkataramani, S Walther. IZA DP 11716. July 2018, R&R, Journal of the European Economic Association.
  6. Effects of a maternal psychosocial intervention on hair derived biomarkers of HPA axis function in mothers and children in rural Pakistan. With V Baranov, A. Frost et al. R&R, Psychoneuroendocrinology.
  7. Women Legislators and Economic Performance. With T Baskaran, B Min, Y Uppal. UNU-WIDER Helsinki WP 47/2018, April 2018.
  8. Evaluation of Walk-In Centres on Hospital Performance and Population Health Outcomes: Evidence from administrative geocoded data for Rio. With L Nunes, Rudi Rocha. IZA WP 13992, Dec 2020
  9. Maternal Investments in Children: The Role of Expected Effort and Returns. With A Delavande, P Font, J Maselko. IZA WP 13056, March 2020.
  10. Multiple Births, Birth Quality and Maternal Labour Supply: Analysis of IVF Reform in Sweden. With M Palme, H Muhlrad, D Clarke. IZA DP 12490, August 2019.
  11. The Impact of a Personalised Blood Pressure Warning on Health Behaviours. With A Delavande, P Fisher, J James. ISER WP 2020-02, February 2020.