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MSc Economics student research featured on Warwick Monash portal

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MSc Economics student research featured on Warwick Monash portal

We are celebrating today the publication of 15 MSc student papers on the Warwick Monash Economics Student Papers (WM-ESP) series portal which includes some of the most exciting Master's dissertations of Economics students of Warwick and Master's and undergraduate dissertations of Monash.

The WM-ESP portal was first launched in September 2021, when the first batch of 17 student papers from Warwick and Monash were published on the portal. The portal, an initiative of the Warwick Monash Alliance, showcases the best undergraduate and postgraduate (non-doctoral level) research, covering a wider range of topics and providing an insight into current global issues that young economists are trying to understand and solve: income inequalities, poverty, the pandemic, climate change, obesity and many others.

The papers included on the portal are carefully selected based on their academic quality and originality.

Members of the Warwick Editorial Board (Dr Cecilia Lanata-Briones, Dr Atisha Ghosh, Dr Natalia Zinovyeva and Dr Tom Martin) commented:

"The Warwick Editorial Board of the WM-ESP are very pleased to publish yet another set of excellent dissertations. As a research-led university that is proud to be part of the Monash Warwick Alliance, we believe it is very important to showcase student research. We hope these dissertations inspire future students at Warwick, Monash and elsewhere."

We congratulate all the students selected and wish them every success in their future careers.

We asked our students to tell us a bit more about their research, what it means to them to have their papers published on the portal and what they are planning to do after graduation. Here is what they said:

"I feel surprised and honoured to have my paper published alongside other brilliant papers. During my research I developed a lot of useful skills such as data collection, analysis and modelling skills, and the process taught me how important it is to find relevant data for your study. The process can be daunting for the most part, but if you just focus on the pursuit of knowledge, research can be refreshing and soothing as well (at least until deadlines come rushing at you).

Having my paper published on the portal will increase the visibility of my work and inspire others. I'm currently applying for a PhD in Economics to further my research in growth, development and mobility."

"Writing the dissertation was a thrilling and stimulating experience. It enabled me to deepen my knowledge of one of the most pressing global socio-economic challenges, which is what inspired me to become an economist in the first place. Furthermore, the dissertation enabled me to significantly improve my data analysis skills, providing me with a key tool for my future career."

"My research used individual panel data based on actual household consumption behaviour, and it was extremely interesting to apply the statistical knowledge gained on the MSc course to carry out a comprehensive analysis of consumption patterns for each cohort, including generation and age, as a preliminary analysis for the research. In addition to the application of microeconomics and econometrics, I was able to acquire a series of processes to critically examine existing research based on a correct academic understanding, and to link this to the novelty and originality of my own research.

I'm very happy to have been highly commended and it gives me confidence for the future. After graduation, I'm planning to go back to my workplace, the Ministry of Finance in Japan, where I'll be working for the fiscal authorities. I'm also considering a PhD or working as an economist for the international research institutions like the IMF."

"Since my research exploited spatial data as well as other excel-based raw data, I needed to equip myself with R programming in addition to STATA. Although it was a strenuous process to learn from scratch during the short period, I could say that it was worthwhile and indeed became a practical skill which I will utilise in the future research.

I'm very excited to have been selected. I hope it would be useful material for future Warwick students and other scholars. Also, it will help me build up my research background and add value to my CV.

I have been interested in climate change and environmental issues. And through the comprehensive learning and active discussions with my classmates, I came to know how important economics and its techniques are to deal with such real-world problems. Using the knowledge I gained, I would like to work on environmental policy formulation so that everyone can lead a healthy life.”

“I feel very honoured to have my paper published on the portal. The best part of research is finding new and fascinating problems to investigate, then going out and finding data to back up your hypothesis. The key skills I developed during my research were data searching and processing, quantitative analysis, and how to push myself into the detail, when dealing with unexpected research output. Following the completion of my MSc course I started a new job as a central bank international analyst. I hope that in a few years I’ll be able to pursue another academic challenge”

Writing the dissertation was a thrilling and stimulating experience which enabled me to deepen my knowledge of one of the most pressing global socio-economic challenges, which is what inspired me to become an economist. The dissertation also helped me improve my data analysis skills, providing me with a key tool for my future career.”

“I’m very happy that my paper was selected for the portal. After a lot of hard work, it is nice to see my research acknowledged in this way. My paper is on whether there is heterogeneity in the relative contributions of the inflow and outflow rate to cyclical unemployment variations in the Nordics. I think my paper makes some relevant contributions and a publication on the portal increases the possibility that someone interested in the topic might read my paper.”


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