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Warwick Econ Sounds

How do economists contribute to the fight against a global pandemic? What can we learn from studying the history of economics? Can economists accurately forecast the future?

Warwick Econ Sounds is a podcast series from the Department of Economics, University of Warwick, providing research-based discussion and expert analysis of key societal and economic issues. With contributions from leading academic and professional economists, the series discusses and debates the nature of the discipline itself, exploring how economists can help solve global problems and ultimately how economics impacts everyday life.

Our podcasts aim to provide insight relevant to students, members of the research community and wider public interested in finding out more about the issues our researchers investigate and why. In addition, the series is relevant for policymakers, journalists and other stakeholders who use research-based expertise and recommendations to inform their work.

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The economics of diet and health

15:42, Wed 3 Feb 2021

Dr Thijs van Rens discusses how people’s diets are affected by their income levels and the area they live in. Is the obesity epidemic due to people’s choices and preferences, or is it caused by factors in the external environment such as the price and availability of food? To what extent should policymakers intervene?

Dr Thijs Van Rens is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick.

Find out more about his research.

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