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Ankeeta Ghosh

      Name: Ankeeta Ghosh
      Course: MSc Economics and International Financial Economics
      Home/EU/International: India

      The best thing about studying Economics at Warwick

      1I believe the best aspect of studying Economics at Warwick was the people I met. The internationally diverse crowd helped me network with the finest Economists in the making. The random discussions in the common room, or an intriguing perspective on an issue during a lecture, revealed how ingenious, innovative and inspiring my classmates are. Such discussions not only helped me grow intellectually, but also develop a much broader viewpoint.

      The course provision and teaching

      As an international student coming from an entirely different academic system, I found the course structure very well organised that enabled me to settle in quickly. The pre-sessional course at the beginning of the Masters programme was particularly beneficial. Most importantly, the Open House sessions conducted for our core modules are an innovative learning experience.

      The lecturers and seminar tutors are immensely helpful and go out of the way to help us with any issues that we face, even if it is outside the scope of the course. Furthermore, the postgraduate administrative team provide unparalleled support, for basic module related issues to examination support

      The wider curriculum

      rsc1The Department offers an extraordinary exposure to extra-curricular activities throughout the year, including the Warwick Economics Summit and Question Time. Moreover, EFIE students have weekly guest lectures where prominent academics and industry leaders engage in contemporary theoretical and empirical debates. The Department also organised trip to Stratford-upon-Avon and the experience of watching a play at the world renowned RSC would definitely stand out as the most exciting event.”

      Preparing for life after Warwick

      5The challenging cirriculum facilities makes us think outside the box rather than following the tried and tested methods. It further challenges us to develop analytical thinking as well as transferable skills in problem solving, handling statistics and softwares. The Centre for Careers and and Skills provides constant support through skills workshops, drop-in consultation sessions and job fairs.

      My Warwick journey

      Throughout all the opportunities and engagements, Warwick fostered the idea that the best way to grow is by putting yourself out there. I came here with the simple notion of having an MSc degree, but at the end of the year, I stand as whole new person with incredible resources and connections.