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Hala Wafa

      Name: Hala Wafa
      Course: MSc Economics and International Financial Economics
      Home/EU/International: Lebanon

      Why Warwick?

      I chose to study Economics at Warwick because of its high reputation especially in the field of economics. Before applying to universities, I checked top university tables, and ultimately I noticed that Warwick was always in the top range of these tables. Being able to attend a prestigious university such as Warwick is truly overwhelming.

      The teaching and wider curriculum

      jwCourse is well structured and so is the teaching provision. I love being taught by professors who are considered leaders in the field of economics.

      The department is one of a kind when it comes to extra-cirricular activities too. It never ceases to come up with events that lead to an increase in student satisfaction - ranging from social gatherings, parties and prestigious guest lectures, all free of cost too!!

      Preparing to work

      The course has surely prepared me for my life after graduation in several ways. It made me depend more on myself and enhanced my critical thinking abilities, which I will definitely use in my graduate career. Through practical application of theories, the course prepared me for what to expect when I start working.”

      My Warwick journey

      mywarwcikThis year has been one of a kind. I really got the chance to get out of my comfort zone and explore new aspects of learning. I had the chance to meet people from all over the world, explore living abroad, and widen my knowledge horizon.