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Moussa Saab

      Name: Moussa Saab
      Course: MSc Economics and International Financial Economics
      Home/EU/International: Lebanon

      Why Warwick?

      The University of Warwick is known for producing internationally-renowned economists and economic research. This made me think that I should be part of this, so that I could benefit from deeply understanding economics and grasping its research methodologies.

      The course provision and teaching

      The course is interesting and it is explained well by the professors, yet it makes me test myself. All the modules enabled me to push myself into conducting further research, hence becoming a more self-sufficient economist. The course structure and teaching provisions are what makes this master's degree more interesting.

      A careers in Economics

      jobThe MSc course has enabled me to have good career prospects. Being an MSc degree holder from Warwick signals to the job market that I'm well trained and tested economist. Moreover, because I have experienced a good year here, I'm really considering coming back in the future to do a PhD.

      Easing the pressure

      ecoThe extra-curricular and society activities run throughout the year helped in easing the pressure from finals and dissertation work.”

      My Warwick journey

      The experience here has many aspects I love and cherish.

      Firstly it gave me the opportunity to meet a diversified group of people from all over the world. So besides studying economics, I benefited from learning about the culture, language and history about many countries.

      In addition to this, I met many great economists and econometricians from different economic background which made me keen on learning more about subjects that I have never considered before.