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Our degree programmes consist of a number of core and optional undergraduate modules which provide you with flexibility to specialise and diversify.

Your Modules

All degrees include core modules in economic analysis and quantitative techniques and a number of required modules, which vary between courses. Our selection of optional modules allows you to tailor the direction of your studies and also allows you to select modules outside of economics, so that whatever your interests, whether Chinese and Chemistry, or Philosophy and Portuguese, you’ll find something to suit you.

Current Modules

View Economics modules that are currently available to undergraduate students:


Spotlight on: Topics in Applied Economics (2B)

Study a variety of topics drawn from the broad field of applied economics. Each year will cover up to three topics selected from within the broad area of ‘Applied Economics’.

Spotlight on: Topics in Development Economics

Understand of a range of problems in economic development in low income countries, and to demonstrate how the tools of economic analysis can throw light on economic behaviour.

Spotlight on: International Economics

Obtain a good understanding of international macroeconomic issues and examines national income accounting in an open economy.