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Year 1 Modules

    Year 1 Undergraduate Modules

    Each module has its own web page listing basic information and linking to ‘Resources’, which includes further information such as lecture notes and sample examination questions. Please note: the list of references to books/articles provided on the module detail pages are only indicative. The exact references to the appropriate texts will be given at the start of each module.

    = Autumn Term = Spring Term = Summer Term

    Personal Development Module (PDM)

    All first-year students also take the Economics Personal Development Module which is non-credit rated, but compulsory for L100, L116 and LM1D (LLD2) students.

    Approved Modules

    All first-year students in Economics have to select optional modules. These can be either modules offered by the Economics Department (eg EC104, EC112, EC119, EC132, EC133) or modules delivered by other departments in the University. You will find below a list of the optional modules run by other departments that have been approved for you to take.

    If the module is not found on the list of approved modules (excluding Language modules) please complete an unusual options form.

    Language Modules

    All Economics students are able to take a language module in their First Year. You should look at the difference between LL100 coded modules and LL200 coded modules, as the LL200 coded modules represent an accelerated beginners course in the language chosen. For more information about studying a language, please go to Language Modules for Economics students.

    Students are advised to start a language in their first year, as students are not permitted to take a language module in their final year if they have not previously studied a language module as part of their Degree. This applies even if the language is at an advanced level.

    Other Approved Options

    The department is currently reviewing the list of approved modules and will update this information ready for Module Pre-Registration in Term 3.