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CAGE Summer School

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CAGE Summer School

Generosity and Well-Being

National and International Perspectives on Generosity and Well-being: A View Through the Lens of the Third Sector

Tuesday 9th April to Thursday 11th April 2013: Scarman House, University of Warwick

Organised by CAGE and CMPO and sponsored by the ESRC
Organisers: Kimberley Scharf and Sarah Smith

Summer Schools have been an important activity for young economists and CAGE is happy to be able to continue this tradition again this year.

The theme of this year’s school is generosity and well-being: it will seek to gain insights into the sources, origins and manifestations of generosity through a better understanding of how it affects the well-being of individuals and groups on the national and international stage.

The school will be a multidisciplinary event, drawing on an international pool of participants from economics, political science and social policy. It will be aimed at PhD students and early career researchers, from the UK and overseas, who are working on questions that address various dimensions of generosity and well-being.

There will be general panel sessions and smaller research sessions.

The overarching “mission” of this year’s school will be to provide a multidisciplinary forum for the study of generosity and well-being as viewed through a multidisciplinary and international lens of third sector researchers and practitioners.

The programme has been organised by Kimberley Scharf and Sarah Smith. Scharf is a Professor of economics at the University of Warwick, a Research Associate at CAGE and a Research Affiliate at the CBC. Smith is a Professor of Economics at Bristol University, Director of the CBC and a Research Associate at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).

For details of the full programme click here(PDF Document)