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Individual Characteristics and Economic Decisions

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Individual Characteristics and Economic Decisions


17th - 18th January 2014
University of Warwick
Radcliffe House, Conference Centre

Programme (PDF Document)

Conference: Individual Characteristics and Economic Decisions

The classical view of the economic decision process reduces preferences essentially to two parameters: our attitude to risk and our attitude to the tradeoff between rewards in different points in time.

Recently, Behavioral Economists, Experimental Economists and Economic Theorists, borrowing concept from Psychology and Neurosciences, have started to enrich the classical paradigm to introduce other individual characteristics like gender, personality, fluid intelligence (IQ), etc.. In this conference, scholars following this line of research will present and discuss their works. The aim is to contribute to better define this new research agenda, at the border between the hard sciences and the social sciences.

For further details please contact Eugenio Proto or Jane Snape