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Austerity: where next?

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Austerity: where next?

Live online event: 22nd June 11am

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On 22nd June 2010 George Osborne announced an austerity budget aimed to reduce the government deficit after the 2008 financial crisis. Ten years on, as the government assures us we have left austerity behind, we’re reflecting on the impact of these measures.

In a special issue of Advantage Magazine, CAGE has brought together expert commentators to draw out lessons from the economic policies of the last decade. What were the lasting effects of austerity on the economy and society? How did it compare with other austerity periods? And, in the wake of a new economic crisis, how could (or should) we do things differently this time?

CAGE is hosting a live panel discussion to debate these questions. Following presentations of some of the highlights of our new publication, leading experts will discuss the lasting impact of austerity and how its legacy might influence policymakers’ decisions in response to the COVID-19 crisis.


Nicholas Crafts, University of Sussex, University of Warwick and CAGE

Thiemo Fetzer, University of Warwick and CAGE

Monica Langella, Centre for Economic Performance, the London School of Economics

Liam Halligan, The Telegraph


Mirko Draca, CAGE Director