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Apurav Yash Bhatiya

Email: A dot Bhatiya at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: S1.112

Office Hours: by email.

Twitter: @apuravbhatiya

Personal Website
Research Areas

Political Economy, Labour and Development Economics

Teaching (TA)

EC310 - Topics in Development Economics

Working Paper:

1) Behavioral Voters in a Decentralized Democracy (with Vimal Balasubramaniam and Sabyasachi Das).

Media Coverage: Ideas for India; Mint; CASI (India in Transition) - (English), (Hindi), (Bangla), (Tamil); AnandaBazar
Zoom Presentation: TCPD, Ashoka University (August 2020)

Work in Progress:

2) Do Enfranchised Immigrants Affect Political Behaviour?

Abstract: This paper analyses 3 million UK Parliament speeches between 1972 and 2011 to understand how immigration affects the incumbent's behaviour towards existing and prospective immigrants. As a legacy of the British Empire, the immigrants from commonwealth countries in the UK have a right to vote in the national elections, while the non-commonwealth immigrants do not have this enfranchisement power. I find an increase in the commonwealth immigration makes the incumbent spend more time in the Parliament talking about existing immigrants, address existing immigrants with positive emotion and vote to make future immigration tougher. An increase in non-commonwealth immigration leads to the opposite effect. The enfranchised immigrants undertake more socio-political actions (signing a petition, participating in protests, contacting a politician etc.) compared to disenfranchised immigrants, which drives the incumbent's behaviour. Disenfranchised immigrants only catch up with the enfranchised immigrants after naturalisation.

3) Mobilisation for Skill Training: Experimental Evidence from India (with Bhaskar Chakravorty, Clément Imbert, and Roland Rathelot). AEA RCT Registry

4) Local Events and Receptivity to Propaganda (with Yatish Arya).

Pre-PhD Publications

Criaco, G., Serarols, C., Minola, T., Bhatiya, A., (2013): Companies spun out of universities: Different typologies for different performance patterns, in: Therin, F. (Ed.), Handbook of Research in Techno-Entrepreneurship, 2. Edward Elgar, 235-261.