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Daniele Condorelli


Contact details

Email: D dot Condorelli at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: S2.120

Advice & feedback hours: By appointment, book a slot here. Choose a Tuesday slot for an in person meeting.

www.condorelli.scienceLink opens in a new window


Research Interests

  • Microeconomic Theory, Networks and Platforms, Mechanism and Information Design

Journal Publications

"A Lower Bound on Monopoly Profit for Log-concave demand", Economics Letters, 2021

"Surplus Bounds in Cournot Competition", with Balazs Szentes, Theoretical Economics, 2021

Information Design in the Holdup Problem”, with Balazs Szentes, Journal of Political Economy, 2020

Harnessing Platform Envelopment in the Digital World”, with Jorge Padilla, Journal of Competition Law & Economics, 2020

Weak Cartels and Optimal Auctions”, with Yeon-Koo Che and Jinwoo Kim, Journal of Economic Theory, 2018

Bilateral Trading in Networks”, with Andrea Galeotti and Ludovic Renou, Review of Economic Studies, 2016

Selling through Referrals”, with Andrea Galeotti and Vasiliki Skreta, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2018

Strategic Models of Intermediation Networks”, with Andrea Galeotti, The Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Networks, 2016

What money can't buy: efficient mechanism design with costly signals”, Games and Economic Behavior, 2012

Market and Non-Market Mechanisms for the Allocation of Scarce Resources”, Games and Economic Behavior, 2012

Efficient and Equitable Airport Slot Allocation”, Rivista di Politica Economica, 2007