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Publications & Working Papers

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For published work, links are primarily to the final pre-publication version. There is typically also a link to the final published version for those with access.


Working Papers:

Work in Progress:

  • The Deserving Rich and the Lazy Poor: Behavioral Foundations of Redistributive Preferences, with Anand Mani and Sharun Mukand. Non-technical summary.
    • Status: experiment complete, first draft in progress.
  • Affirmative Action and Self-Serving Bias in the Indian Education System, with Anandi Mani, Sharun Mukand and Shubhro Sarkar.
    • Status: field experiment complete, results being analysed.
  • Understanding the Motivation of Organ Donors in the Iranian Organ Market, with Ali Kelishomi Moghaddasi. AEA RCT Registry entry.
    • Status: field experiment in progress.
  • Theory of Mind and Strategic Decision-Making, with Neha Bose. AEA RCT Registry entry. Seminar Slides.
    • Status: experiment complete, first draft in progress.
  • Personality and Coordination, with Mahnaz Nazneen. AEA RCT Registry entry.
    • Status: experiment in progress.
  • Politics and Belief Updating (tentative title), with Gordon Brown and David Ronayne. AEA RCT Registry entry.
    • Status: pilot experiments complete, further experiments planned for 2018/19.
  • Language, Conflict and Identity (tentative title), with Thomas Hills, Eugenio Proto and David Hugh-Jones.
    • Status: data collection in progress.
  • Group Identity and Advice (tentative title), with David Ronayne.
    • Status: ethical approval and funding obtained, experiments planned for 2018/19.
  • Mindfulness and Economic Behaviour (tentative title), with Elliot Ash, Anthony Tuckwell and Shi Zhuo.
    • Status: application for funding has been made.

Non-technical Summaries:

On Measuring Happiness
On Happiness & Productivity
On Biased Perceptions
On E-cigarettes
On the UK Research Excellence Framework
On Financial Herding