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Daniel Sgroi

Curriculum Vitae

Contact details

Telephone: +44 (0)24 765 75557

Fax: +44 (0)24 765 23032

Email: Daniel dot Sgroi at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: S2.101

Advice and feedback hours: (Term 2) Thursday 1100-1300

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My other affiliations

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Associate Professor of Economics

Theme Leader, CAGE, University of Warwick
Associate Member, Nuffield College & CESS, University of Oxford

Research Interests
  • Experimental Economics
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Subjective Wellbeing
  • Economic Theory
  • Text Analysis

One strand of my work concerns game theory, information economics and Bayesian learning, with applications to different subfields in microeconomics. The other is at the intersection of Economics and Psychology and includes behavioural economics, subjective wellbeing and language. I use a mixture of economic theory and experimental methods in my work.

Together with Andrew Oswald, I lead Theme 3 of the ESRC-funded CAGE centre which seeks better ways to understand and measure subjective wellbeing and related behavioural concepts. I am also a member of the World Wellbeing Panel based at the LSE. To hear me speak on the topic of historical happiness for BBC Radio 4 go here.

Selected Research
Recent Working Papers

When Good Advice is Ignored: The Role of Envy and Stubbornness, CAGE Working Paper No. 359, 2018, with David Ronayne.

The Effect of Positive Mood on Cooperation in Repeated Interaction, CAGE Working Paper No. 347, 2017, with Eugenio Proto & Mahnaz Nazneen.

Historical Analysis of National Subjective Wellbeing using Millions of Digitized Books, CESifo Working Paper No. 5906, 2016, with Thomas Hills & Eugenio Proto.

When Herding and Contrarianism Foster Market Efficiency: A Financial Trading Experiment, CRETA Discussion Paper 17, 2016, with Andreas Park.

Selected Publications

Biased Beliefs and Imperfect Information, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 136: 186-202, 2017, with Eugenio Proto.

Happiness and Productivity, Journal of Labor Economics 33(4): 789-822, 2015 (lead article) with Andrew Oswald & Eugenio Proto.

How Should Peer Review Panels Behave? Economic Journal 123(570): 255-278, 2013, with Andrew Oswald.

The Optimal Choice of Pre-launch Reviewer, Journal of Economic Theory 147(3): 1247-1260, 2012, with David Gill.

Herding, Contrarianism and Delay in Financial Market Trading, European Economic Review 56: 1020-1037, 2012, with Andreas Park.

Are Happiness and Productivity Lower among University Students with Newly-Divorced Parents? Experimental Economics 15(1): 1-23, 2012 (lead article) with Andrew Oswald & Eugenio Proto.

Learning to Play 3x3 Games: Neural Networks as Bounded-Rational Players, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 69(1): 27-38, 2009, with Daniel J. Zizzo.

Sequential Decisions with Tests, Games & Economic Behavior 63(2): 663-678, 2008, with David Gill.

The Right Choice at the Right Time: A Herding Experiment in Endogenous Time, Experimental Economics 6(2): 159-180, 2003.

Optimizing Information in the Herd: Guinea Pigs, Profits and Welfare, Games & Economic Behavior 39(1): 137-166, 2002.

Full list of publications, working papers & work in progress


EC132 The Industrial Economy: Strategy (Term 1)

EC984 Experimental Economics (Term 2)

WATE commendee for 2015