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Jennifer C Smith's panel data page

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Address: Department of Economics, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL, UK
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Jennifer C Smith's work using panel data

Jennifer Smith's research focuses on wage setting. She is currently looking at issues relating to the distribution of pay growth, using the BHPS micro panel data set. Her main focus at present is who takes pay cuts and why, also relating this to measures of satisfaction. Jennifer Smith's 2000 Economic Journal paper on nominal wage rigidity and the consequences for the UK inflation target has impacted on policy discussions in the UK, Canada and beyond.

Previously Jennifer Smith has matched trade union bargaining data and company performance data to form a new panel covering bargaining units in a number of UK industries during the 1980s and 1990s. Her 1996 Economic Journal paper showed that the influence of wages elsewhere in wage determination reflects the importance of comparisons and, together with another paper published in Economie et Prevision, was one of the first in the world to find rent-sharing effects in panel data.

Jennifer Smith's lectures on panel data

Here are notes on econometric methods for dynamic models using panel data, written for the third year option EC322 Applied Econometrics, taught 1996-97. They are in Word6 format.

  • Reading List
  • Dynamic Models for Panel Data, Part 1: Bias and Inconsistency
    Introduction; Bias in OLS estimator; Bias in Fixed Effects and Random Effects Models; Application: The demand for natural gas (Balestra and Nerlove, 1966)
  • Dynamic Models for Panel Data, Part 2: Proposed Solutions
    Instrumental Variables Techniques: Anderson-Hsiao; Arellano-Bond; Using DPD; Application: Employment equations for UK companies (Arellano and Bond, 1991)
  • Dynamic Models for Panel Data, Part 3: Bias when Slope Parameters are Heterogenous
    Part A
    Consistency of estimators for data fields: Mean group/Swamy GLS random coefficient; Cross-section; Aggregate time-series; Pooled; Application: Labour demand across UK industries (Pesaran and Smith, 1995)
    Part B
    Large T, small N; Small T, large N; Application: Real wage determination in OECD countries (Robertson and Symons, 1992)
    Part C: Application
    Growth and convergence across countries (Lee, Pesaran and Smith, 1996) (not available on-line)

 All of the published papers and some of the working papers available from this page are copyrighted. You can make a single copy of the copyrighted materials for educational purposes.