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Jennifer C Smith's monetary policy page

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Address: Department of Economics, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL, UK
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Jennifer Smith's monetary policy lecture notes and handouts

Economic Policy in the UK Module overview

Macroeconomic Policy

1. Inflation Targeting in Practice

2. The Definition of Inflation Targeting

OUP link to Bofinger (2001) Chapter 8 "Strategies (simple rules) for a stability-oriented monetary policy"

3. The Design of an Inflation Target

4. Inflation forecast targeting and Taylor rules

5. The Monetary Transmission Mechanism

Material from 2005-06:

3. Central Bank Independence

4. Alternatives to Inflation Targeting

6. The Inflation Forecast

7. EMU: Fiscal Policy

  • Brief notes on SGP policy in action
  • HMT document: "The Stability and Growth Pact: a discussion paper" (March 2004)

8. EMU: Monetary Policy

  • Seminar 2 (Week 8) discusses the ECB's monetary policy



Assessment titles and deadlines 2006-07:

Assessment 1: Monday 15 January 2007 (Week 2, Term 2) NOTE NEW DATE!

Assessment 1 2005-06

Assessment 2 2005-06



Background: I worked at the Bank of England prior to joining the Warwick Economics Department (in the Structural Economic Analysis Division). Since arriving at Warwick I have taught the module Economic Policy in the UK, and have focused on monetary policy. Although this isn't currently a focus of my research, it is a focus of my interest. The above are the lecture notes for this module.