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Jennifer Smith's SIC Mapping Page


These pages are intended to be a resource that makes public some accumulated information on generating the best possible consistent measures of industry in the UK. This is of interest when longitudinal datatsets are used. Information here relates particularly to the UK Labour Force Survey (LFS), collected by the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS).


Credits and Acknowledgements

Much if not all of this information summarises the wisdom and knowledge of others. However, I am fully responsible for any errors on these pages.

In particular, I owe a huge debt to Sean Milburn of the LFS Research Team at the ONS Social Survey Division for his extensive help and advice. I also thank his colleagues at the ONS, including Lindsay Prosser, Peter Rowswell, Matthew Coates and Richard Clegg.

Mary Gregory, Robert Jukes and Glenda Quintini (Oxford Institute of Economics and Statistics) wrote the very helpful Mapper98 software, generously provided, described and used in practice by Maarten Goos (and here described further elsewhere).

I should like to thank the Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE) for their support and funding for this and related projects.