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Maths Matrices

This test is designed to give a feel for the level of maths that one might expect to be able to do for an MSc in economics. You should try to answer the questions without looking things up (e.g. the chain rule). You should pay attention to how easily/quickly you can answer the questions and reflect on those aspects which you struggle with as this may need further work. Please remember that this is a self-test only. So answer it honestly and without worrying if anybody will find out about the score.

• If you could easily solve all the questions and had to look only one or so formula; and/or if you had a score above 11 you will likely have no problems in the MSc Economics.
• If you could solve most of the questions after giving them some thinking or looking up the rule; if you enjoyed working on the problems and had a score above 7, you will probably be able to do well in the MSc if you are putting the effort.
• If you had difficulties with most of the questions and had to look up formulas and rules in many cases, you should think very carefully if economics is the right discipline for you. This test covers the basics and you will have to learn more advanced stuff than this. If you enjoyed working out the solutions to the questions and could get at least 5 or so right, you may still be able to do well in the MSc. But you will have to work hard on it.
• If you had difficulties with most of the questions and had to look up formulas and rules in many cases, and if all that was a rather unpleasant and dulling experience then you should probably chose another discipline. Keep in mind there are other disciplines that deal with issues that are very similar to economics but are much less mathematical. You will do best in the program that you enjoy studying; and it is no use studying a discipline whose essential tools you are not very comfortable with.
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