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Current Research Projects: Davies and Ilic

Principal investigator

R.W. Davies and Melanie Ilic

Institutional affiliation

Centre for Russian and East European Studies, University of Birmingham, and University of Gloucester

Other investigators

Dr Oleg Khlevnyuk (Moscow), Dr Valerii Vasiliev (Kiev), and Dr Christopher Joyce in Birmingham, will be working with Davies and Ilic on the project. The work is coordinated with historians and social scientists from the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia, and from elsewhere in Britain, who are researching related themes. Collaborators include Arfon Rees, who has been seconded to a professorship in the European University Institute, Florence, for an initial period of four years.

Title of project

Terror, War Preparations and Soviet Economic Development

Starting date

December 2001

Sources of funding

UK Economic and Social Research Council

Brief description

This project will investigate the effect of military factors and large-scale repression on economic development and on the Soviet type of command economy. It will use former Soviet archives and Russian and Ukrainian local publications to analyse data on the "Great Terror" of 1937-8, and on the Soviet arms drive in the last few years before the second world war.

Related research

This research will be coordinated with that for vol. 6 of The Industrialisation of Soviet Russia, concerned with the years 1934 to 1937, to be written jointly by Davies, Oleg Khlevnyuk, and Stephen Wheatcroft (Melbourne).

Results available?

To be announced.

Research in Former Soviet Archives on Issues of Historical Political Economy

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