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Current Research Projects: Gregory

Principal investigator

Paul R. Gregory

Institutional affiliation

University of Houston
Visiting Distinguished Fellow, Hoover Institution

Other investigators

Eugenia Belova (University of Houston)
Valery Lazarev (University of Houston)
Andrei Markevich (Institute of Russian History, RAN)
Yuly Olsevich (Professor of Economics, Moscow State University, and Institute of Economics, RAN)
Aleksei Tikhonov (University of Houston)

Title of project

High-Level Decision Making in the Soviet Administrative-Command Economy

Sources of funding

US National Science Foundation, and
Hoover Institution

Brief description

The project comprises a series of economic studies based on the Soviet state and party archives:

  • Centralized decision-making: state commmittees, politburo and industrial ministries
  • Contracts and arbitration
  • Centralized allocation of vehicles
  • The ministry of heavy industry
  • The economics of the Gulag
  • "Lesser" terror: economic incentives and punishments
  • Planners' preferences
  • Analysis of interviews in 1988 with Soviet economic administrators
  • The first postwar five-year plan.

Results available?

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