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Martin Li

Name: Martin Li
Home/EU/Overseas: Home (UK)
Course/Graduated: L100 Economics / 2017
Current role: Analyst (Risk Division) at Goldman Sachs

Could you sum up your experience of Economics at Warwick?

Warwick was a great place for me to develop personally and professionally. The course was well structured such that you could explore all the different branches of economics which made it very interesting to study. However, more precious than that was the fact that, from going to school where everyone is from the same place, same upbringing, same nationality, same first language, etc, it was amazing to meet so many people from all corners of the world and learn from their life stories. The network built up will stand me in fantastic stead going into my career.

How did the course and department prepare you for life beyond graduation?

The L100 degree gave me good opportunity to learn the fundamentals of economics (e.g. micro, macro, econometrics) to become an economist but had good availability of optional modules to indulge in other interests. This allowed me to do some modules in finance – useful for my career – and modules in behavioural economics, which I find exceptionally interesting.

Please tell us about your career up to now.

I have started an Analyst position at Goldman Sachs, and have been there for the last 3 months. The first few weeks involved training in New York but I have been based in London ever since. I work in the Risk Division, so whilst not directly utilising the economic theory learnt at Warwick, I have been able to put in practice the transferrable skills learnt, e.g. problem-solving, logical thought-process, organisation, etc.

What steps did you take to find employment?

Warwick is fantastic for its societies and both Warwick Finance Societies and Warwick Economics Society were very helpful. The Warwick Careers Services workshops were also great skills-builders, and all these opportunities meant I applied for internships and graduate jobs with lots of support behind me.

What does your current job involve?

I work in the Risk Division, specifically Operational Risk, so we make sure the firm has enough capital set aside in the event of any operational failure. It is interesting because ‘operational failures’ take many forms, so we could be analysing anything from traders making errors or systems breaking down!

What kinds of extracurricular activities did you get involved with at Warwick and have any of these assisted with your career?

I was involved in multiple societies, namely Enactus, Warwick Consulting Society, and also wrote articles for Warwick Finance Societies and Warwick Economics Society. Sports-wise, I played badminton, tennis and was a football referee for the Warwick Inter-Mural Leagues. These undoubtedly taught me a lot of valuable skills, e.g. team-work, assertiveness, etc, but above all, was just good fun!

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to current students?

Bond with your fellow classmates. This is your network and your cohort and I can guarantee you that many of you will work together, get married or just cross paths in later life. You have an unbelievable network right next to you so bond with your people and you never know where the same people may turn up in the future – it is a very small world!