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Get Involved

Graduation is only the start of your lifelong connection with Warwick

There are many ways for you to get involved with the University in the years after you leave. Whether you just want to share your news or if you’d like to take a more active role, there is something for everyone.

Open days and overseas fairs

This year’s campus open days will take place on 24 June, 25 June, 24 September and 22 October. We’re currently looking for Economics alumni to chat with students and parents about their experience at Warwick, as well as what your degree has led to.

Careers events

We will be holding an Economics careers event later this year. If you are interested in working with us on careers activities please contact us; economics dot students at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Guest lectures

Our 360 guest lecture series is open to all Warwick alumni. If you’re in the area please do come along to hear from leading economic and political figures. Recent lectures have included Vince Cable, Kanayo Nwanze, Jeremy Wright and Ciaran Martin; find out what’s on.


If you’re a recent graduate then you can join our e-mentoring scheme as a mentee to get inside information about a particular industry. If you’re already in a graduate job, then why not become a mentor and offer a helping hand to one of our current students or recent graduates. It’ll look great on your CV.

As either a mentee or a mentor you’ll increase your networks and build contacts outside your workplace. Read a case study to see how students and other alumni are already benefitting; sign up today.


If you studied with us as an undergraduate then you’ll know how many Economics students want to do internships! If your company could offer an opportunity to one of our current students please get in touch; economics dot students at warwick dot ac dot uk.