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Mark Stewart

Emeritus Professor of Economics

Email: Mark dot Stewart at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: S0.57

Research Interests:

Labour Economics: wage differentials, wage dynamics, minimum wages, models of wage determination.
Econometrics: micro-econometrics, ordered response models, semi-parametric estimation.

Recent Papers:

"The Occupational Dimension of the UK Gender Pay Gap", Revised: November 2015: abstract, paper.

"Why is the Gender Pay Gap Higher in the Private Sector?", November 2014: abstract, paper.

"The London Difference in Gender Pay Gaps", July 2014: abstract, paper.

"Wage Inequality, Minimum Wage Effects and Spillovers", Oxford Economic Papers, 2012, 64, 616-634 : abstract, paper.

"Quantile Estimates of Counterfactual Distribution Shifts and the Impact of Minimum Wage Increases on the Wage Distribution", Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A, 2012, 175, 263-287 : abstract, paper.

"The Changing Picture of Earnings Inequality in Britain and the Role of Regional and Sectoral Differences" , National Institute Economic Review, 2011, 218, R20-R32 : abstract, paper.

"The National Minimum Wage after a Decade ", in Employment in the Lean Years: Policy and Prospects for the Next Decade, edited by David Marsden, Oxford University Press, 2011.

"The Estimation of Pensioner Equivalence Scales Using Subjective Data", Review of Income and Wealth, 2009, 55, 907-929 : abstract, paper.

"Simplified Implementation of the Heckman Estimator of the Dynamic Probit Model and a Comparison with Alternative Estimators" (With Wiji Arulampalam), Oxford Bullentin of Economics and Statistics, 2009, 71, 659-681 : abstract, paper.

"The Other Margin: Do Minimum Wages Cause Working Hours Adjustments for Low-Wage Workers?" (with Joanna Swaffield), Economica, 2008, 75, 148-167 : abstract, paper.

"The Inter-related Dynamics of Unemployment and Low-Wage Employment", Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2007, 22, 511-531: abstract, paper.

  • Materials from MSc Microeconometrics option (EC950) last time given