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Refereed publications in Hebrew

  • Gould, Eric and Omer Moav (2007) "The Brain Drain from Israel", The Economic Quarterly (Hebrew) 46-69. Translated to English and reprinted: “Israel's Brain Drain” Israel Economic Review 5, 1-¬22.
  • Moav, Omer (1996) “The Kibbutz Dining Room - A Model for PrivatizationThe Economic Quarterly (Hebrew) 33-44.

Other Publications

  • Moav, Omer, Book Review of The Human Journey (Hebrew), by Oded Galor and Ori Katz, Hshiloach, (Hebrew) 20, 2020.
  • Moav, Omer, Book Review of Economic Tales (Hebrew), by Ariel Rubinstein, Tchelet, (Hebrew) 39, Spring 2010. Reprinted in Azure, (English) 42, Autumn 2010.
  • Moav Omer, "Brain Drain, Scientific Achievements, and the Wage Structure in the Universities", a lecture in the conference The Government Budget: Implications Upon the Higher Education System in Israel, The Economic Quarterly (Hebrew), 56, 21-27
  • Moav, Omer and Ofer Cohen (2008), "Who Needs Job Security?", Tchelet, (Hebrew) Spring 2008, 53-72. Reprinted in Azure, (English) Autumn 2008.
  • Moav, Omer (2007), comment on: "The Effect of Information and Communication Technologies on Urban Structure" by Yannis M. Ioannides, Henry G. Overman, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, and Kurt Schmidheiny, Economic Policy 23, 232 – 234.
  • Moav Omer (2007), Printed Lecture from the Conference "The Universities (in Israel): an Organizational Economic Crises and Brain Drain", The Economic Quarterly (Hebrew), 150-153. Translated to English and reprinted in Israel Economic Review
  • Moav, Omer (2007) comment on: "Does School Tracking Affect Equality of Opportunity? New International Evidence" by Giorgio Brunello and Daniele Checchi, Economic Policy, 52, 781-861.
  • Moav, Omer (2007), Book Review of Freakonomics, by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, Tchelet, (Hebrew) Winter 2007, 26, 148-152.
  • Moav, Omer (2006) comment on: "Valuating Ecosystem Services as Productive Inputs" by Edward Barbier, Economic Policy, 22 (49), 177-229.
  • Moav, Omer (2006), Introduction to the Hebrew edition of Basic Economics: A Citizen's Guide to the Economy by Thomas Sowell, Shalem Press.
  • Moav, Omer and Hadas Gabay (2005) “How to Solve the Problem of Labor Strikes”, Tchelet, (Hebrew) November 2005, 22, 74-90.
  • Ahituv, Avner and Omer Moav (2003), “Fertility Clubs and Economic Growth”. In Inequality and Growth: Theory and Policy Implications, Theo Eicher and Stephen Turnovsky eds., Cambridge: MIT Press, 61-87.