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Zoe Zhang


Contact details


Email: Qianxue dot Zhang at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: S0.78

Advice & feedback hours: Wednesday 2-3 pm and Thursday 11-12 am.

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I come from China and my Chinese name is Qianxue (千雪). My supervisors are Prof. Roger Farmer and Prof. Dennis Novy.

My research interests are:

  • International Trade
  • Economic growth and structural change

Work in progress

International trade as an engine of structural transformation.

Long-run effects of trade wars under global imbalances (with Diego Calderon)

Structural Transformation and Gender Norms: a general equilibrium approach (with Jiaqi Li)


The Hubei lockdown and its global impacts via supply chains (Figure 1 clearer version), Review of International Economics, 1–23. Matlab code 



EC107 Economics1 (tutorial) Office hours: Friday 2-4 pm, S0.86


EC107 Economics1 (tutorial) Office hours: Monday 2-4 pm, Online.


EC312 International Economics (tutorial)

EC107 Economics1 (tutorial)

Office hours: Wednesday 2 - 3 pm, Online, and Thursday 11- 12 am in person.

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