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Zoe Zhang


Contact details


Email: Qianxue dot Zhang at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: S0.78

Advice & feedback hours: Wednesday 2-3 pm and Thursday 11-12 am.

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Please see my personal website here.

I come from China and my Chinese name is Qianxue (张千雪).

My research interests are:

  • International Trade
  • Macroeconomics
  • Growth and Innovation

My letter writers are Prof. Roger FarmerLink opens in a new window, Prof. Dennis NovyLink opens in a new window and Dr. Marta SantamariaLink opens in a new window.

Breaking Borders: The Impact of Knowledge Diffusion on the Gains from Trade (Job Market Paper

Structural Transformation and Intrahousehold Bargaining: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa (with Jiaqi Li) [funded by STEG PhD grant 1286] [New draft coming soon!]

Estimating non-balanced growth paths: three-factor model and structural change


The Hubei lockdown and its global impacts via supply chains, Review of International Economics 2022, 30 (4),10871109. Matlab code

Abstract: This paper argues that the lockdown of Hubei province in China due to the Coronavirus outbreak provides a natural experiment to study the importance of China’s role in global value chains. Since the lockdown started during the Lunar New Year, Hubei’s migrant workers who went home could not return to workplaces in other provinces, resulting in a massive labor supply shock. I feed the supply shock through a Ricardian model with intermediate goods and sectoral linkages to study trade and welfare effects across several economies. While welfare in China is the most negatively affected, the shock also has sizeable negative implications for the US and the UK.