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Sascha Becker

Contact details

Telephone: +44 (0)24 765 24247

Fax: +44 (0)24 765 23032

Email: S dot O dot Becker at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: S0.71

Advice and feedback hours: Monday, 8-10am

Personal website

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Departmental Responsibilities

Deputy Head of Department and Research Director of the ESRC Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE)

Research Interests

  • Economic History
  • Labour Economics
  • Education Economics
  • Public Economics

Recent Publications

Social Cohesion, Religious Beliefs, and the Effect of Protestantism on Suicide
(with Ludger Woessmann), 2017, Review of Economics and Statistics forthcoming.

OPEN ACCESS: Effects of EU Regional Policy: 1989-2013
(with Peter H. Egger and Maximilian von Ehrlich), 2018, Regional Science and Urban Economics 69: 143-152.

Who Voted for Brexit? A Comprehensive District-Level Analysis
(with Thiemo Fetzer and Dennis Novy), 2017, Economic Policy 32(92): 601-650. Editor's Choice.

OPEN ACCESS: Education and Religious Participation: City-Level Evidence from Germany's Secularization Period 1890-1930
(with Markus Nagler and Ludger Woessmann), 2017, Journal of Economic Growth 22(3): 273-311.

Causes and Consequences of the Protestant Reformation
(with Jared C. Rubin and Steve Pfaff), 2016, Explorations in Economic History 62: 1-25.
Lead article

The Empire Is Dead, Long Live the Empire! Long-Run Persistence of Trust and Corruption in the Bureaucracy (with Katrin Boeckh, Christa Hainz and Ludger Woessmann), 2016, Economic Journal 126(590): 40-74.

Trade and Tasks: An Exploration over Three Decades in Germany (with Marc-Andreas Muendler), 2015, Economic Policy 30(84): 589-641.

Absorptive Capacity and the Growth Effects of Regional Transfers: A Regression Discontinuity Design with Heterogeneous Treatment Effects (with Peter H. Egger and Maximilian von Ehrlich), 2013, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 5(4): 29-77.

Not the Opium of the People -- Income and Secularization in a Panel of Prussian Counties (with Ludger Woessmann), 2013, American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings 103(3), 539-544.

Offshoring and the Onshore Composition of Tasks and Skills (with Karolina Ekholm and Marc-Andreas Muendler), 2013, Journal of International Economics 90(1), 91-106.

A Gift is not Always a Gift: Gift Exchange in a Voucher Experiment (with Dolores Messer and Stefan C. Wolter), 2013, Economica 80(318), 345-371.

Does Women's Education Affect Fertility? Evidence from Pre-Demographic Transition Prussia (with Francesco Cinnirella and Ludger Woessmann), 2013, European Review of Economic History 17(1), 24-44.

Endogenous Product versus Process Innovation and a Firm's Propensity to Export (with Peter H. Egger), 2013, Empirical Economics 44(1), 329-354.

How low business tax rates attract MNE activity: Municipality-level evidence from Germany (with Peter H. Egger, and Valeria Merlo), 2012, Journal of Public Economics 96(9-10), 698-711.

Too much of a good thing? On the growth effects of the EU's regional policy (with Peter H. Egger and Maximilian von Ehrlich), 2012, European Economic Review 56(4), 648-668.

The Effect of Investment in Children's Education on Fertility in 1816 Prussia (with Francesco Cinnirella and Ludger Woessmann), 2012, Cliometrica 6(1), 29-44.

Education and Catch-up in the Industrial Revolution (with Erik Hornung and Ludger Woessmann), 2011, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics 3(3), 92-126.

Margins of Multinational Labor Substitution (with Marc-Andreas Muendler), 2010, American Economic Review 100(5), 1999-2030.

Going NUTS: The Effect of EU Structural Funds on Regional Performance (with Peter H. Egger, Max von Ehrlich), 2010, Journal of Public Economics 94(9-10), 578-590.

Education versus Fertility: Evidence from before the Demographic Transition (with Francesco Cinnirella and Ludger Woessmann), 2010, Journal of Economic Growth 15(3), 177-204. Lead article

Equity Fund Ownership and the Cross-Regional Diversification of Household Risk (with Mathias Hoffmann), 2010, Journal of Banking and Finance 34(1), 90-102.

The Effect of Protestantism on Education before the Industrialization: Evidence from 1816 Prussia (with Ludger Woessmann), 2010, Economics Letters 107(2), 224-228.

Youth Emancipation and Perceived Job Insecurity of Parents and Children (with Samuel Bentolila, Ana Fernandes and Andrea Ichino), 2010, Journal of Population Economics 23(3), 1047-1071 (corrected page number).

Was Weber Wrong? A Human Capital Theory of Protestant Economic History (with Ludger Woessmann), 2009, The Quarterly Journal of Economics 124(2), 531-596. Awarded the year 2010 'Prize for Academic Research' by the Friends of the Ifo Institute

Common political culture: Evidence on regional corruption contagion (with Peter H. Egger and Tobias Seidel), 2009, European Journal of Political Economy 24(3), 300-310.

Luther and the Girls: Religious Denomination and the Female Education Gap in 19th Century Prussia (with Ludger Woessmann), 2008, Scandinavian Journal of Economics 110(4), 777-805.

The Effect of FDI on Job Separation (with Marc-Andreas Muendler), 2008, The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy 8(1) (Advances), Article 8.

Income Insecurity and Youth Emancipation: A Theoretical Approach (with Samuel Bentolila, Ana Fernandes and Andrea Ichino), 2008, The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy 8(1) (Contributions), Article 19.