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Carpenter - Li

Li is a carpenter and looking for employment. She has been checking the local newspapers, reviewing various job posting Web sites and talking to family and friends but has not found a suitable job. She has heard about a major construction project starting in the area and would like more information.

Li might want LMI to:

  • Identify any major activities or projects that are planned in the area, so that she can contact the particular company directly.
  • Compile a list of potential employers who have hired carpenters in the past, so that she can contact them directly to discuss possible job opportunities.
  • Consider self-employment as an option.


What all this LMI means for her!  

Even with all this LMI, Jo will probably want to talk to someone. She may still have questions and might still end up coming to you for further assistance. What topics and issues will you be prepared to discuss and what other resources might you use?

Should the focus of the support offered be:

  • on providing relevant LMI;
  • about marketing herself;
  • on transferable skills required to move occupational areas;
  • identify the hidden job market;
  • effective career decision making; or
  • finding initiatives aimed at encouraging more women to enter and stay in the construction industry?

What frameworks for practice do you adopt in your work?