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Sociology graduate - Caroline

After taking time out of education for two years to save up before going to University, Caroline studied Sociology and achieved a 3rd class Honours degree. Before she started her course, she hadn’t really decided what she wanted to do, thought the course looked interesting - and it was available through clearing. She did, indeed, find the course interesting, but doesn’t think that it has much relevance to a future career, as it was too theoretical. It didn’t offer any practical/vocational experience and by the end of her studies, she was still unsure what options were open to her.

Before starting her course, Caroline worked in a variety of different temporary jobs, such as waiting/bar staff, support worker and in a shoe shop. She continued with bar work whilst at University (working near University during term time and returning home to the North West and a job there in the holidays). Since graduating two years ago, she has continued to work in the pub in Edinburgh, where she worked during her holidays, has done well and been promoted several times.

Caroline is able to identify the skills she acquired whilst at University: confidence; independence; initiative and the ability to work either by herself or with others. However, she feels these skills may have been gained whether or not she had studied for a degree. She does believe, though, that going away to University helped her to acquire them a lot sooner.

She has now asked the Careers Adviser for help in answering some of these questions and help to plan her career:

  • Is it worthwhile getting a 'graduate' level job?
  • What types of jobs do sociology graduates do?
  • What types of jobs would suit her best?
  • Would she need to do further study?
  • What types of employers could she be working for?


Should the focus of the support offered be:

  • on providing relevant LMI;
  • about marketing herself;
  • on transferable skills required to move occupational areas;
  • identify the hidden job market; or
  • effective career decision making?