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The top sources of careers information

This page focuses on the best places to find out about careers in the energy and utilities industries. It introduces the top energy and utilities sources, many of which include a broad range of information about wider industries and opportunities. It also informs you about the National STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) Centre eLibrary which offers a huge range of careers and teaching resources related to STEM, many of which support career learning about the EU industries.

Activity icon Watch this slidecast Top Sources of Careers Information for the energy and utilities Iidustries by moving the cursor over presentation to show start, pause, forward and reverse buttons. It gives a flavour of the 'top ten' places to go for careers information, particularly about energy and utilities industries. Many of these sites are more general career information websites which offer a broader range of information too. After watching the slide cast, download the presentation here and use the embedded hyperlinks to get a clearer idea of what is on offer.


The National STEM Centre eLibrary is a unique hub with access to huge variety of STEM teaching and careers materials including freely downloadable videos, lesson plans, case studies and posters. You need to register to download all resources, but this is free and easy to do. Examples of information available which is relevant to the Energy and Utilities Industries are:

  • Careers in Energy, a BP Educational Services guide to careers in the energy industry
  • Case Study Plumbing video from Futuremorph shows an apprentice plumber installing solar water panels and explaining how the theory he learns in College is applied in the workplace.
  • STEM Ambassador Activity: Perfect Pylons from the Royal Academy of Engineering which sets out an activity where students apply their knowledge of materials, forces and structures to model pylons and test them to see how strong they are. There are also two energy supply industry case studies.
  • Mathematics Matters case study about using maths to map buried oil reserves from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

There are a range of help videos and explanations available to help you make the most of this resource.

Click here to view a video on How does the eLibrary search work?

assessment iconHow will you use these resources? Note down any actions that you want to take forward as a result of what you have found out in this section.

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