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Feedback - How developed is your STEM careers awareness?

Well done for completing the STEM careers self-assessment. The following feedback is designed to highlight where you excel and help you to identify activities that you may wish to focus on as you work through the module.

1. How long is it since you have reviewed your continuing professional development (CPD) needs in relation to STEM Careers?

a) Great, you’ll find it much easier to keep up to date with STEM, and the online module will hopefully help you do this.

b) Perhaps now would be a good time to revisit this, to support your guidance practice? (Completing this online module will support this process!).

c) and d) You've made a start on this by completing the self assessment. Working through this online module will hopefully support you to consider your STEM Careers CPD needs.

2. How would you rate your knowledge and understanding of STEM learning routes and progression possibilities for learners of all abilities?

a) Good news – we hope that this module will support you to further extend your knowledge.

b) This module will help you to extend your knowledge further and support you to keep up to date with STEM learning and progression information.

c) and d) The presentation in STEM Getting started has some useful information for you and will help you consider what kind of local information you need to find out to help the learners you work with.

3. Could you say what the STEM challenges are in your school or college?

a) It’s great that you are so deeply involved in STEM in your school or College. We hope that the ideas in this module will support you to develop your practice further. There are lots of opportunities for you to contribute throughout STEM Careers – please share your experiences!

b) and c) It sounds like you have a good starting point to build on. The ideas and examples of good practice in STEM Getting started, as well as the School self-assessment document in our Moving On section might help you to develop this further.

d) Working through STEM careers will give you a deeper understanding of potential STEM challenges and activities in further sections will help you identify areas for attention in your working environment.

Do you know how learners in your school/college perceive STEM subjects/careers?

a) Well done – having the views of your learners will help you target your awareness raising much more effectively. Hopefully you can use the same channel to get some feedback on the effectiveness of the work you are doing? Please share your experience in the opportunities to comment throughout the STEM Careers module.

b) Have you considered building on this and collecting some regular, more current information to help you formulate any STEM Careers based activities? Reading about the Baseline Surveys in the Moving On Section of STEM Careers might also help you.

c) and d) Collecting learners' views will give you a powerful insight into how STEM careers could be promoted in your school or college. Reading the case studies and examples of good practice in STEM Careers might inspire you!

5. Do you collaborate with STEM colleagues in your school/college to raise visibility of STEM careers?

a) Great! This is a key way of raising STEM Career awareness. Hopefully some of the ideas and practical tasks in this online module will inspire you further!

b) Well done, perhaps the ideas and activities in this online module will inspire you to try and develop this vital area of work?

c)and d) There are examples of good practice, ideas and practical tasks throughout this on line module which aim to support you to develop STEM careers in collaboration with STEM teachers or lecturers your school or college.

6. Do you provide STEM subject or careers information and resources for learners and/or their parents/carers?

a) Fantastic! Hopefully you are aware of all of the resources we have included in this online module, if not, look closely, especially in STEM Getting started, they may support you in this work.

b) Good. This module introduces a full range of resources and offers examples of good practice to inspire you in the delivery of careers information and resources.

c) That’s good, but there may be a role for you to support STEM information needs on a wider basis, such as in option choice booklets, or at parents’ evenings or STEM events. The information sections in this module will give you some ideas if you are able to take this forward.

d) Hopefully completing this module will help you understand the importance of STEM in the delivery of careers information, advice and guidance, as well as highlighting for you some resources that can support you to inspire the learners you work with to find out more about STEM.

7. Do you know much about local initiatives that can support your school or college with STEM activities?

a) Good news – please use the opportunities throughout the online module to share any experiences, or examples of good practice, to help others.

b) In the module we offer a number of examples of good practice to illustrate how STEM learning and activities can be enhanced by working with external STEM ambassadors and employers to inspire you.

c) and d) We signpost you to local information throughout the module, as well as highlight examples of good practice where local contacts have been vital – we hope to inspire you!

8. Do you contribute to STEM activities in your school or college?

a) Well done, your expertise will be welcomed, and hopefully you can collect new ideas to develop your work from this online module.

b) and c) Time is a huge pressure, but we hope, once you have experienced the activities and ideas in this online module that you will feel able to put STEM high on your priority list.

d) Perhaps there are activities going on that you are not aware of? Or, if not, you could try and initiate something, however modest, as a starting point, to support the learners you work with to make the most of STEM opportunities? There are many inspiring examples of good practice in the module.

9. Do you challenge stereotypes in STEM in your school/college?

a) Equality and diversity is a big issue in STEM careers, so it is great that you are challenging stereotypes. There are three equality and diversity sections in this module that can support you in your work.

b), c) and d) Equality and diversity is a big issue in STEM careers, and it is important to challenge stereotypes and encourage all learners to consider the opportunities presented by STEM. This isn’t always easy and help is welcome, so there are three equality and diversity sections in this online module which aim to support you in this aspect of your work.

10. How would you rate your knowledge of labour market information (LMI) in relation to STEM?

a) Excellent – hopefully the STEM LMI we have included in this module will extend your knowledge and help you keep up to date.

b), c) and d) We have included lots of LMI references in this module which could help you build confidence and keep up to date in this area of your STEM learning.

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