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STEM Moving on Careers delivery

In STEM Moving on we have considered in more detail research activity that is contributes to our knowledge of STEM careers, used self-assessment tools to help us plan how to use resources effectively and looked at practice related to equality and diversity in STEM in some detail. We come to the point now when we think about how using this knowledge and understanding can translate into practice and deliver change on the ground.

activityUsing the information and resources you have considered in STEM Careers to date, plan a briefing session for colleagues (preferably STEM subject teachers, and advisers could be included), which could last up to an hour on STEM courses and careers. Your session should include:

  • A brief introduction STEM as an educational issue and priority
  • An overview of activities and their progress in promoting STEM, at a national , and if appropriate, local level
  • Examples of how learners can be informed about STEM careers in a teaching context
  • Sources of information and possible inspiration

A blank session plan format is included to help you.

informationYou may also find it helpful to look at:

chat.pngOnce completed, please email your plan to guidance dot research at warwick dot ac dot uk and we will upload on the NGRF STEM Careers learning module to share with others, anonymously if you wish or upload it to the STEM Careers: helping students get the message online community forum.

Where practicable and desirable, see if you, and/or colleagues can deliver this session to learners.

chat_iconLeave any comments about your experience in the comments box below, or on the STEM Careers:helping students get the message online community forum.


Thanks and well done! STEM Moving on is now nearly over - how did you do? What did you think? We only have two more short tasks for you.

assessmentTest yourself on STEM Moving on to help you judge if completing this part of the module has helped your understanding and knowledge.

evaluationTell us what you think of STEM Moving on by completing our quick evaluation. We'd be very grateful for your feedback to help us improve STEM Moving On.

What next?

Finally, there is one more section in this STEM Careers learning module: