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Test Yourself on STEM Moving on

Well done for completing STEM Moving On! Hopefully you have further developed your knowledge about the role of STEM in careers guidance and considered ways in which good practice can be implemented.

The aim of this quick quiz is to help you assess your own learning against some of the core learning points in the module. This is a self-assessment exercise and on completion, comments are found in the view feedback link below.

We hope that now you have completed STEM Moving on you:

  1. Understand findings from recent research into learners’ attitudes to STEM courses and careers
  2. Feel confident about using STEM resources to support learners appropriately
  3. Recognise practice that positively addresses equality and opportunity in the context of STEM careers
  4. Have planned a STEM awareness raising session for colleagues, which will encourage STEM specialist teachers in particular to integrate career learning into the curriculum

    Some of these outcomes will be fulfilled through your reflections and the ideas recorded in your STEM Careers Personal Action Plan.

    Test Yourself on STEM Moving on

    1. As part of the Baseline research for STEM, learners were surveyed. Which of these STEM subjects was the one that they least recognised or understood?

    2. Parents were also interviewed for the Baseline Survey. Indicate which you think they identified as the 3 most useful STEM careers activities for their children to take part in.

    3. What percentage of STEM graduates are working in a science occupation three and a half years after graduation?

    4. According to the Longitudinal Survey of Young People in England, which is the most significant indicator that a young person will choose to study STEM subject in Higher Education later on?

    5. How many levels and how many aspects of practice does the STEM Assessment Document ask you to judge your organisation’s STEM activity against?

    Keyboard users: tab to the item you want to relocate, press enter to select, use left and right arrows to pick category, and up and down arrows to choose position, then press enter again to confirm.

    • What percentage of the health sector workforce is from a black, asian minority ethnic background?
    • Is the age profile for this sector older or younger than the average workforce when compared to the whole economy?
    • What percentage of GPs are male?
    • What percentage of the health sector workforce is female?
    • 45%
    • older
    • 14%
    • 77%
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    Test Yourself on STEM Moving on feedback

    assessmentHow did you do? If you scored between:

    6 - 8 Well done! You've cracked Moving on - time to dig deeper...

    4 - 6 Not bad! You've definitely Moved on...

    1 - 4 Good try, but you may want to revisit some parts of STEM Moving on before you dig deeper...

    What to do next

    ForwardTime now to move back to STEM Moving on where you can:

    • Read a full version of the quiz answers with detailed references as to where to find the information in STEM Moving on.
    • Tell us what you think of STEM Moving on in our evaluation.
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