Form of Scholarship Accepted

The Warwick Undergraduate Law Journal accepts Academic Articles, as well as Case Comments.

  1. Academic Articles: Full-length pieces of original scholarship typically ranging from 3.000 to 10.000 words (this does not include footnotes).
  2. Case Comments: Shorter pieces of original scholarship of up to 4.000 words (this does not include footnotes).


The Journal accepts submissions in all areas of law and jurisprudence, reflecting both the diverse and innovative areas of research conducted at Warwick Law School, and its distinguished tradition of exploring Law in Context. Despite being a journal run by students of English law, we do not evince a preference for submissions relating to English law, our most important criteria for publication is that your submission relates to a contemporary legal issue or provides legal insight into the area of law you have chosen.

Citations and Formatting

Citations should abide by the Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA), 4th Edition.

Submission of Articles

To submit an article, please email it to

We will remove any identifying information (name, university, acknowledgements) from the Word document containing your submission before sending it to the Editorial Team to facilitate our blind review process.

Submissions from undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as academics are equally welcome.

Review Process

The journal operates a double-blind peer review process, meaning that authors and reviewers remain anonymous for the review process. Reviewers are asked to provide formative feedback, even if an article is not deemed suitable for publication in the journal. All submissions are peer reviewed by three Articles Editors, who assess the pieces for language, accuracy, quality of analysis, novelty, and relevancy.

The Articles Editors who reviewed the submission make a joint decision to recommend the piece for rejection, minor or major revisions, or acceptance.

Members of the editorial team/board are permitted to submit their own papers to the journal. In cases where an author is associated with the journal, they will be removed from all editorial tasks for that paper and another member of the team will be assigned responsibility for overseeing peer review.

Exclusivity of Submissions

The Warwick Undergraduate Law Journal does not accept submissions that are being considered by other journals or law reviews. Authors must agree not to submit pieces submitted to the Warwick Undergraduate Law Journal for consideration to any other journal, law review, or blog until the end of the review cycle. Submissions made to multiple journals will not be considered for publication.

For any questions in regard to the submission and publication process, please contact the Editorial Team.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.