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LLM International Commercial Law

What is International Commercial Law?

The objective of Commercial Law is to facilitate commercial transactions, whether a sale of goods, dealing in digital content or data, secured financing arrangements, or mergers. Once a commercial transaction crosses jurisdictional borders, complex questions arise regarding the enforceability of all the terms in a commercial agreement, the law(s) which apply to the transaction, and where any disputes which might arise from the transaction can be resolved.

What makes our LLM in International Commercial Law special?

Our LLM in International Commercial Law (ICL) will provide you with a solid foundation for understanding the legal challenges of international commerce, and will allow you to explore how a range of international transactions are regulated through a combination of contracts, domestic law and internationally-agreed rules.

This course is suitable for law graduates or practising lawyers seeking to develop specialist knowledge in international commercial law and business people who wish to gain an understanding of the legal context for international business deals. It is also ideal for anyone seeking to understand the process of facilitating and regulating international commerce, those who wish to influence international law making, and anyone preparing for further research in this area.

This LLM is distinctive because it brings the unique Warwick ‘law in context’ approach to the study of International Commercial Law. You will learn how:

  • Law interacts with and supports or constrains large commercial deals
  • The boundaries of law in dealing with international commercial transactions
  • Wider policy and ethical questions operate within the commercial context

What will I study?

You will take our core study modules to give you a firm grounding in the subject as well as legal research and writing skills, along with three commercial law modules (list A), and two contextual modules (list B). You will undertake a dissertation in term 3.

Core Modules
Commercial Law Modules
Context Modules

The modules due to run next year may vary from the list above, depending on staff availability, research priorities, and student uptake. While we do our best to run as wide a variety of subjects as possible, it is not always possible to offer every module.

With permission, it is possible to take up to two modules external to your programme, as optional choices.

Our Staff

Other staff

Our Students
Marilyn Eze - LLM Student ICL
The new LLM is a great addition to an existing bevvy of legal specialities. It presents core module options that affords a diverse choice for any desired commercial pathway.

Other students

What sort of careers can I go on to?

  • Practicing lawyers with a specific focus on international commercial law
  • Commercial Arbitrators
  • Civil Service work in departments dealing with aspects of international commerce
  • Work in NGOs representing international businesses

Your dissertation

With help and support from our world-class academic staff, you will write a 10,000 word dissertation on a suitable topic in your third term. We will help guide you in choosing a topic and title, and train you in how to research and how to structure your dissertation, setting you in excellent stead if you should choose to continue your studies with a PhD.


For more information email:

pglaw dot admissions at warwick dot ac dot uk