Congratulations on obtaining your place to study at Warwick Law School.

It is a great pleasure to welcome you into our new cohort. An exciting new chapter in your life is about to start and we’re looking forward to you joining us.

These induction pages are designed to provide you with everything you need to prepare for your undergraduate and postgraduate studies with the Law School. Please note further information will be added to these pages as it becomes available, so check back for updates!

A message from Andrew Sanders, Head of School

"We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Warwick! We hope you’ll be inspired and supported to reach new heights in your academic and career development. You’ll be taught by, and studying alongside, people from a wide range of backgrounds, which will help you experience a variety of perspectives on your studies."

In addition to our course-specific information, there is also a Welcome to Warwick website containing lots of useful information for new students.

Arrivals on Campus

The University has responded to the logistical difficulties of our students’ arrival onto campus for the start of our academic year 2020/21 by providing a more flexible approach to Term 1. We are now allowing students domiciled outside of the UK, who physically cannot get to the UK, to arrive on campus for the start of Term 2, which is 11 January 2021. Students domiciled in the UK can request permission to delay their arrival on campus to later on in Term 1 or to study remotely if certain exceptional circumstances apply.

Please refer to the revised dates of arrival onto campus and important enrolment information and read the Law School information for UGs | for PGs for further information regarding the process and application for permission to delay return. Then you must complete this Law School arrivals form to notify us of your arrival date.

Please note that this only refers to your dates of arrival on campus. You will have to engage with your studies online from the course start date which is 5 October 2020.