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Travel & Accommodation


The conference will take place on the 1st to 3rd of September 2017. It will be based in the Ramphal Building, on the University of Warwick Campus.

Getting there

The university is relatively easy to access by plane, rail and bus. Birmingham Airport is only 20 minutes away by taxi. Alternatively, you can fly into London and travel by rail (from Euston Station) to Coventry. From Coventry the University is a short taxi or bus ride. For more information see the University's Travel Directions page.

Please be aware that the University is much closer to Coventry than it is to Warwick. Those intending to travel to the University by rail should go via Coventry and not Warwick Station.


Accomodation can be booked on campus through the Conference Services website. This option is convenient and comfortable. More affordable options are available in nearby villages (Kenilworth) or cities (Coventry and Leamington Spa). While Kenilworth is (just about) walkable, Coventry and Leamington Spa are a bus or taxi journey away from Campus. Some suggestions are:


  • Premier Inn Coventry City Centre (Earlsdon Park) hotel, right beside the Albany Theatre and the Skydome Arena Price from £43.50. To get to campus, walk to the City Arms and catch Bus 11/12


  • Old Bakery B&B, near the Castle End, from £75. Walk across Abbey Fields for bus.
  • Kenilworth Hotel. high st. right by bus, from £95.
  • Holiday Inn, right by central bus stop, from £117.