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Warwick Law establishes partnership with LUISS

Warwick Law School has established a partnership with The Libera Universita Internazionale degli Studi Sociali “Guido Carli” (LUISS) in Rome.

Students on the five year integrated masters programme at LUISS will spend their final year studying an LLM in a different country, which will be recognised as equivalent to their fifth year. They have established partnerships with a handful of European universities to offer this unique experience to their students and Warwick is one of them. The partnership was confirmed in late 2018 meaning those students interested in studying in the UK were able to apply to come to Warwick for the 19/20 academic year to study on our LLM degree, benefiting from a 10% fee discount. Find out more about the programme.

Claudiana Barella is the first student from LUISS to join us and is studying on our LLM in International Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation until September 2020. We caught up with them to find out more…

1. Why did you choose to come and study at Warwick?

There are many reasons that made me choose Warwick over other universities for my LLM. First of all, the reputation: Warwick University is undeniably one of the best universities not only in the UK, but also internationally speaking. However, when I talk about the reputation I am not referring simply to the rankings, but to how Warwick students talk about their own university. Indeed, during my Erasmus program some of my friends were from Warwick University - spending their year abroad. They always spoke highly about their home-law school and all the advantages of attending a based-on campus University and experiencing such an international environment.

Moreover, I knew that Warwick University would have been the place because of the programs offered by the Law School. The LL.M. in International Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation, that I am currently attending, is unique. As a law student, I have the opportunity to focus on the area of law I prefer - which is company law and finance - using also an ‘economic’ approach to those topics I studied from a traditional legal point of view. I think this is a great chance to master my knowledge in the field of company law and to be more qualified in the sector I want to operate in.

2. What are your thoughts on the new partnership between Warwick and LUISS?

I am glad that my home university has made this partnership with Warwick University and given Italian student the opportunity to have such an international experience. I am truly happy that Warwick University, whose community I do feel part of, opened its doors to the students of LUISS and gave me this chance that I can assure cannot be taken for granted by any other university in the world.

3. Are you enjoying your course so far?

Yes, the core module is great, well-structured and has met my expectations. Moreover, I appreciate the opportunity to pick up without restriction the optional modules: the offer is wide and they all are properly formulated to fulfil the scope they have. Furthermore, I think it is important to mention the quality of the faculty and the staff of Law School. The first are not only qualified and experts in their field but also friendly and open to any kind of questions students may have; the latter are truly supportive and available at any time for anything and this really helps you, especially when you are an international student.

Last but not least, another feature that makes the course much more interesting is the fact that all my fellow classmates come from different jurisdictions and backgrounds: this helps to enhance the discussion during seminars and enrich our knowledge of each other’s cultural heritage.

4. What benefit(s) do you think studying at another institution will provide students like yourself on the 5 year programme at LUISS?

I am sure the benefits are going to be great. I am really enjoying the course so and I am convinced this experience is going to be an important step in my life both personally and professionally.

Exiting your comfort zone, and deciding to spend your last year of university - the one that is supposed to be more relaxed after you have done all your compulsory exams - in a new country, get used to new habits and make new friends, is ambitious and demanding. I am sure this is going to shape a better version of myself; creating a young woman able to adapt in any context and be resilient in any kind of situation.

I think that as a law student this experience is going to add value to my CV and my education since it will set me apart from other Italian law students who have followed the traditional route of study. Furthermore, I have the chance to create an international network of ambitious young women and men with whom I will be studying for one entire year. Finally, I think that spending a year in the UK in such a vibrant environment I might start calling in to question my current projects for the post lauream. The University attracts so many international law firms and organisations every day; they come to introduce themselves to the students and show you all the opportunities you have if you’re willing to take them. I find this very inspiring and feel that any student could benefit from this either by changing his/her plans, or solidifying them.

Thank you for this opportunity, I am willing to put in all the effort necessary to do my best in this experience.


Professor Christian Twigg-Flesner visited LUISS earlier this month to speak with prospective applicants about Warwick and our LLM programmes. He told us, “Our partnership with LUISS is an exciting development which underlines the international appeal of our LLM portfolio. It was a delight to be able to visit LUISS to meet prospective Warwick applicants and to talk to them about the University of Warwick, the School of Law and our LLM programmes. I hope to be able to welcome many of the students I met in Rome when they join us at Warwick next autumn.”

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