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WLS Research Fellow attends British Academy supported workshop

Dr. Maryna Utkina, BA Fellow at the University of Warwick Law School, became a part of the Ukrainian cohort and participated in a two-day British Academy-supported workshop titled “Development of academic skills in Great Britain and the international context”, which took place on the 24 and 25 May in Wigan.

The workshop included six session parts: Methods and ethics for publication; Getting a paper published from draft to ‘revise and resubmit’; Virtual visit of Ukrainian Global University students; Open Access and Copyright; Quiz-time which journal – how to target?; and Short paper presentations.

Dr Utkina presented her scientific project, 'Leveraging Blockchain Technology for Enhancing Financial Monitoring in Legal Compliance: Its Main Challenges and Opportunities'.

Tue 30 May 2023, 11:40 | Tags: Conference/Workshop, Staff in action