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When does a crisis end? New project receives Wellcome funding to investigate

Professor Sharifah Sekalala, an expert in global health law is part of an international team exploring how we define the end of a crisis in a new project funded by the Wellcome Trust’s new Discovery Award scheme.

Thu 18 Aug 2022, 12:00 | Tags: Research, Staff in action, Funding

Dr Schwöbel-Patel secures prestigious fellowship

Warwick Law School’s Dr Christine Schwöbel-Patel has taken up a prestigious Alexander von Humboldt fellowship for experienced researchers. For the next year, Christine will be based at the Humboldt University of Berlin, where she is working on the topic ‘Making States “Safe” for Investment: International Criminal Law and Imperial Rentier Capitalism’.

Thu 11 Aug 2022, 12:15 | Tags: Award, Staff in action

Rajnaara Akhtar featured in UK Conversation

Warwick Law School's Dr Rajnaara Akhtar has written a piece for The Conversation UK (published on the 2 August 2022) on marriage laws in England and Wales and the need to update outdated legislation. 'Your dream wedding might not be legal - time to update England's old-fashioned marriage laws.'

Mon 08 Aug 2022, 16:29 | Tags: Publication, Staff in action

Professor Alex Sharpe to present three audio-visual Public Lectures on David Bowie

Warwick Institute of Public Engagement (WIE) to present three public lectures on philosophical ideas of Difference, Authenticity and Love. All will be presented by WLS's Alex Sharpe. All events will be free and all are welcome. The first lecture, On Difference, will take place 7 November 2002. Find out more and register.

Fri 05 Aug 2022, 14:56 | Tags: Staff in action

GLOBE Policy Brief on ‘Assessing the Role of Digital Finance for Gender Equality’

'Assessing the Role of Digital Finance for Gender Equality’ by Dr Serena Natile, is the latest in a series of briefs, bringing current legal thinking to bear on public policy issues and contemporary concerns, published by GLOBE, a research centre within Warwick Law School.

Artwork Credit: Pawel Kuczyński

Fri 29 Jul 2022, 11:35 | Tags: GLOBE Centre, Impact, Publication, Research, Staff in action

WP Officer Becca Kirk carries Commonwealth Games Baton

Warwick Law School’s Widening Participation Officer Becca Kirk had the honour of carrying the Baton in the Queen’s Baton Relay for the 2022 Commonwealth Games this week. Becca was nominated to take part due to her years of dedicated service to St John Ambulance.

Thu 28 Jul 2022, 15:00 | Tags: Staff in action, Feature

Dr Stephen Connelly and Dr Celine Tan provide written evidence to UK Parliament inquiry on debt relief in low-income countries

Dr Stephen Connelly and Dr Celine Tan submitted evidence to a parliamentary inquiry on debt and development. The inquiry examines the impact of high levels of debt on development in low-income countries and the tools and strategies employed to reduce the debt burden.

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

Thu 28 Jul 2022, 10:18 | Tags: GLOBE Centre, Staff in action

Andi Hoxhaj featured in UK Conversation

Warwick Law School's Dr Andi Hoxhaj has written a piece for The Conversation UK (published on the 18 July 2022) on Russia's increasing influence on the Balkans just as the region's fragile peace is threatened.

Tue 19 Jul 2022, 11:38 | Tags: Publication, Staff in action

Professor Munro secures CPS funding for important rape research

Congratulations to Warwick Law School’s Professor Vanessa Munro who has been awarded funding to work with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in implementing and evaluating changes to improve responses to complaints and complainants of rape.

Wed 13 Jul 2022, 14:14 | Tags: Research, Staff in action, Funding

Warwick Law School supports launch of Africa Hub

Law School colleagues Professor Sharifah Sekalala and Professor Ann Stewart attended the launch of the Warwick Africa Hub last month, in support of its initiatives. Sharifah and Ann were invited to speak at the event and were joined by Ms Bience Gawanas, one of the Law School’s most distinguished and inspiring African female graduates.

Tue 05 Jul 2022, 10:35 | Tags: Alumni, Staff in action

Law School WATE Winners 2022

The Law School has seen significant success in the latest Warwick Awards for Teaching ExcellenceLink opens in a new window (WATE) with four of our colleagues winning awards in different categories. Head of School, Professor Victor Tadros commented "It is terrific to see our staff and postgraduate community receiving recognition for the brilliant teaching they do."

Mon 04 Jul 2022, 12:29 | Tags: Award, Student Achievement, Staff in action

Foreign Minister Lavrov commends the Open Balkans project - expert comment

Western Balkans expert Dr Andi HoxhajLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window of Warwick Law SchoolLink opens in a new windowLink opens in a new window comments:-

"On Monday 6th June Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov planned to visit Serbia to sign a new three year gas agreement provided by the Russian energy company Gazprom. Under the agreement Serbia would pay approximately $400 per 1,000 cubic meters of Russian natural gas — almost four times less than other European countries pay."

Wed 08 Jun 2022, 09:15 | Tags: Staff in action, Expert Comment

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