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‘Celebrate PhD times, come on! It’s a celebration.’

We are always proud of our students and the amazing things they do and this month was no exception. At the beginning of February, Professor Shaheen Ali hosted an event to celebrate the ‘Magnificent Seven’ PhD students who recently completed their doctorates at the University of Warwick.

Staff and research students came together in the Warwick Law School student hub to celebrate the fantastic achievements of ‘PhD champions’ Sundu, Oluwole, Titi, Ahmed, Sanjeeb, Jenny and Arjumand and to thank all those that supported them along their PhD journey.

PhD celebrations PhD Celebration PhD celebration champions

There was an assortment of treats on offer ranging from extremely yummy samosas, made by Shaheen herself, to delicious cake to help celebrate the occasion.

Shaheen explained the event was a way, “to really embrace the success of these students and bring everyone together to celebrate.” The candidates that were in attendance told the audience all about their theses and also thanked key people who supported them along their journey.

Organiser, Shaheen Ali was delighted to see so many attending the event where she told the crowded hub, “I want to thank a lot of people who played a very important role in making this all possible. Starting with the staff who helped with the PhD application process to the academics who looked after you and held your hands along the way, with a particular special mention to the PhD ‘star’ mentors Sharifah Sekalala and Raza Saeed, we couldn’t have done it without you.”

Congratulations to Jenny, Sundu, Oluwole, Titi, Ahmed, Sanjeeb & Arjumand aka the ‘Magnificent Seven’! We are very proud of you all and wish you all the best for the future.

Look out for more achievements from our colleagues and students in 2018 – there are sure to be many!

Find out more about our PhD programmes here.

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Fri 23 Feb 2018, 15:06 | Tags: postgraduate, PhD