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Law School Alumnus releases debut novel

Former LLM student Saurabh Bagaria, who studied on our international Economic Law programme from 2007-2008 has written and published his first novel titled “Money Gone”.

Book Cover

In the book, business tycoon Hardik Seth and his family have been under the scanner of the Income Tax Commissioner, Rakesh Bisht, for the longest time. His efforts to nab Seth for accumulation of wealth that is definitely not kosher have hit legal hurdles. Meanwhile, Seth’s son, Rohan, meets the enchanting Eli in London and the mysterious Mr. Maduro in the British Virgin Islands, who introduce him to the business of money laundering in its newest form.

With the advent of crypto-currency and blockchain technology it has become a herculean task for the authorities to trace, gather evidence and institute legal proceedings against the culprits.

Bisht, his trusted deputy, Ajit Pandey, and rookie lawyer Saket Sharma are hot on the Seths’ trail. It’s almost impossible to track the elusive crypto-currency … and the Seths, who are always a step ahead. Or are they …?

Saurabh Bagaria is an advocate residing and practicing law in Kolkata, India. His areas of practice have predominantly been tax and allied law. Drawing on his education and expertise, in this book, he combines creative writing and legal nuances to produce a work of legal fiction involving the current and relevant issues of money laundering and crypto-currency. He told us, “Warwick Law School is still as fresh as it can be. The Law School, the faculty, the staff and peers, and the university have all contributed in my development.”

Money Gone is a great read, the best bang for your buck! Check it out.

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