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Jackie Hodgson’s new book on The Metamorphosis of Criminal Justice

Professor Jackie Hodgson’s forthcoming monograph "The Metamorphosis of Criminal Justice" (2020, New York: OUP) analyses several decades of legal and political change, contrasting domestic and European drivers within criminal justice across Britain and France and evaluating the ways that procedural models are able to influence, structure or limit reform.

Adopting a comparative empirical and policy lens, she questions the extent to which modern criminal justice systems continue to reflect core values of the adversarial and inquisitorial traditions, or whether concerns with managerialism, efficiency and securitisation prevail, producing a kind of facsimile of justice and fair trial.

Jackie Book

The book:

  • Provides the first fully integrated, long term study of changes in the criminal justice system, across several jurisdictions, principally focusing on Britain and France
  • Brings together a wide range of empirical and theoretical material, spanning several decades, analysed through policy and comparative lenses, to offer new understandings of the significance of procedural traditions
  • Analyzes change over several decades, looking at domestic and European influences on criminal justice practice and the evolution of procedural traditions
  • Offers new perspectives on our understanding of procedural models, and how they are used to structure or to limit legal change

It will be available in the UK from April 2020. Order online at with promo code ASFLYQ6 to save 30%.

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