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Law Alumna elected as SU President

Shingai Dzumbira, who studied on our LLB 3 year degree from 2016-2019 and is currently studying for her MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship with WMG, has been elected as the President of the Student Union (SU) for the 2021/22 academic year. A role she is enthusiastic to take on. “I am really excited. I have a rare opportunity to lead the trajectory of a charity organisation that exists to represent students. I think that’s what excites me most – being put in a place where I can impact the lives of students at the University of Warwick.”

She tells us, “My primary aim is to make the Students’ Union more visible, accessible and relevant to students. I would like to see our services playing a major role in student success and positive experiences during the course of their time with the university.”

shingaiAs SU President, Shingai will be the outward face of Warwick Students’ Union and represent the union at local, regional and international levels. She will chair the Students’ Union Board of Trustees and act as a non-executive director of the organisation. As part of the full-time officer team, she will form part of the political leadership of Warwick SU and sit on various committees and panels within the university and engage senior university leadership on issues impacting students. Through the role she will liaise with people such as the pro-chancellor, the vice-chancellor, the academic registrar and various other key decision makers in the university. It is this connection, Shingai tells us, that will ensure she can advocate for students effectively.

We asked Shingai about her experience of studying at Warwick and how her studies have helped to prepare her for this role.

“My time at The Law School has proved to be invaluable because it equipped me with the ability to analyse things critically. I sit on different panels some of which include disciplinaries and complaints which require that skill. My experience in the Law School has enabled me to make critical observations and present effective challenges where processes or systems may need improvement. So not only do I sit on these panels, but because of my time at the Law School, I have the confidence and ability to create meaningful change.

“My WMG experience has allowed me to have key people skills and to learn about leadership, management of change and reputation management. As a result, I have played what I believe to be a vital role in bringing about strategic organisational change.“

Shingai encourages students to look into the developmental opportunities that Warwick SU offers. “As a full time officer, I am getting experience that one who would get maybe a decade into their professional career. That is invaluable.”

Congratulations Shingai and good luck in the role, we know you will be fantastic. See what she and Stuart Croft have to say in the welcome video for new students joining us in September.

Thu 19 Aug 2021, 10:44 | Tags: Alumni, Student Achievement