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Dr Rajnaara Akhtar featured on ITV News

Warwick Law School’s Dr Rajnaara Akhtar was featured on ITV Central News yesterday (Wednesday 11th May) discussing current English wedding law and whether it is fit for purpose in our modern multi-cultural society. The report looks at claims that 200-year-old conventions are holding couples back from having their ideal ceremony and that some are finding that their union was not legally binding years on.

So many couples have non-legally binding ceremonies each year as the law on how to marry is so restrictive. The Law Commission is currently consulting on whether to recommend the law be changed to allow couples to marry in a wider range of ceremonies and locations.

Rajnaara was consulted on the claims that our present marriage laws don’t reflect multi-cultural Britain and her study into modern marriage. She said: “If you have a plethora of wedding ceremonies that are not recognised legally, it is an issue that has to be taken on board by government and reform proposals implemented.”

Funded by the Nuffield Foundation, Rajnaara worked on a collaborative project investigating why marriage ceremonies are being conducted outside the legal framework; the nature of these ceremonies; the beliefs, practices and desires of those involved; and how proposed reforms could work. It also aims to raise awareness of the law among those who are conducting or participating in these ceremonies, ensuring they are fully informed of potential outcomes. Find out more about the project.

Watch the interview now:

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